How To Make Minecraft Soul Torch Recipe

➥ How To Make Minecraft Soul Torch Recipe

Soul Torches The Soul Torches are a unique alternative to the two largest lights in Minecraft, the Torch and the Redstone Torch. Redstone Torch They can be made similarly to normal torches, but need access to the Nether. They can also serve as a defense against certain mobs in the nether, which makes them among the more beneficial and unique lighting tools in the game.

➥ The required materials to make the Soul Torch

To make a soul torch using Minecraft, it is necessary to have the following things:

  • Charcoal or coal  
  •  Stick to 
  • Soul Sand (or Soul Soil)  

To obtain soul sand or soil, you must first construct an internet portal.

➥ How to make a Soul Torch in Minecraft

👉 In an easy-to-understand way, Make your torch recipe with coal in the center of the crafting grid. Place the stick beneath it. Then, apply soul sand or soul soil underneath the stick.

➥ Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

👉 Step 1- Go to the Nether

How To Make Minecraft Soul Torch Recipe

👉 Step 2: Get Soul Sand and Soul Sand (both displayed in the picture below)

How To Make Minecraft Soul Torch Recipe

👉 Step 3-Get to a table for crafting

How To Make Minecraft Soul Torch Recipe

👉 Step 4: Arrange materials as described below.

How To Make Minecraft Soul Torch Recipe

👉 Step 5-Retrieve the torch of your Soul!

How To Make Minecraft Soul Torch Recipe

➥ How to use a Soul Torch in Minecraft?

Soul Torches are quite similar to regular torches, but with some notable variations. Soul Torches emit a blue-green light that emits less light when compared to regular torches. This means they aren’t able to cause the melting of snow or ice. 

How To Make Minecraft Soul Torch Recipe

However, these torches possess distinct characteristics, one of which is that they can scare away pigling mobs that are in the nether. This lets you create more extensive paths through the Nether while ensuring the minimum security level.

➥ Minecraft Soul Torch Recipe Explainer Video:

➥ Conclusion

Soul Torches mostly serve the user as a nice alternative to conventional torches. They use the same number of ingredients to create and are not dependent on soil or soul sand that is probably undiscovered in the player’s storeroom. Soul Torches cannot be stacked to produce brighter light, but they could provide protection against piggins and provide a unique atmosphere for locations that are themed around witches in the base.

➥ FAQs – Minecraft Soul Torch Recipe

How do you make a soul torch in Minecraft?

You can make the soul torch by mixing charcoal or coal and a wooden stick with soul sand or soil. You can acquire both soul sand and soul soil through the Nether. Make sure to prepare before your journey to the unlucky location.

Can you make soul torches with soul soil?

To create the soul torch in Minecraft, it is necessary to have coal or charcoal. Stick. Is It Soul Sand Or Soul Soil?

Are there blue torches in Minecraft?

Soul torches function similarly to traditional torches. They function as a source of light for the user to utilize. The most obvious distinction between the light sources is the blue that they emit. They also produce less intensity of light than standard torches (12).

How do you make a Minecraft lantern?

In a nutshell, to make a lantern, you must place one torch and eight iron nuggets inside the 3×3 grid of crafting. Set a torch in the middle of the grid. You can then cover the remaining part of it with iron nuggets. After you have a lantern, just click it and add it to your inventory.

Do soul lanterns produce light?

Soul lanterns are not only different in color from normal lanterns (blue instead of orange), and they emit a little less light-only 10 vs. 15 than regular lanterns. This may not sound great, but if you enjoy living in a biome that is snowy and you like the idea of a soul lantern, then you’ll be happy.

Are Zombie Pigmen scared of soul torches?

Zombified pigs don’t shy away from zoglins, lanterns/soul torches, soul fires, and campfires for the soul. They aren’t disoriented by gold and can’t barter, as live pigs can’t. They also don’t follow those who are holding a gold ingot or other gold-related object.

Do Soul Torches share any functionality with Redstone Torches?

In addition to having a less luminous glow than regular torches, they also have a less luminous glow. Redstone Torches are not able to be substituted for Redstone Torches to light Redstone construction projects.


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