How To Make a Night Vision Potion [Minecraft Recipe]

➥ How to Make a Night Vision Potion

It is possible to make a drink that can help you see in darkness. It’s not just that it makes it more difficult to perceive in the dark; it also lets you see more clearly when you swim in the ocean. 

Night vision pills aren’t the first thing a potion maker thinks of however, it’s an amazing benefit to benefit from. Being able to see better is something that could be assumed to be given. However, try it at least once, and it’ll be hard to get back to normal sight.

➥ You will require the following items to create Night Vision Potion.

  • Blaze Powder
  •  Brewing Stand
  • Water Bottles
  • Nether wart
  • Golden Carrot

The toughest part about making potions is finding a fortress. The fortress is where you will find Blaze, as well as the nether wart required for making a night vision potion. 

You’ll need to take on several blaze enemies to obtain blaze rods, which are materials used to construct the stand for brewing as well as the fuel for it.

Water bottles are required to store the effects of the potion. Glass bottles are constructed from glass, so take some sand and melt it into three pieces of glass that you need.

It is the Nether wart that is needed to make the basis for the night vision potion: the incomprehensible potion. Netherward is also developed in the world of the dead as long as you possess soul sand. Be sure to plant it to have some extra to use in future potions.

The golden carrot can be used to transform awkward drinks into night vision. You’ll need one carrot and eight golden nuggets.

➥ How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

In its simplest form, To create a potion of night vision, you need to open the stand to brew. In the brewing stand, place your water bottle into one of the three bottom boxes. 

Next, place a netherward in the top one, and then wait until the arrow fills. Place your golden carrot inside the top of the box, in the display of the brewing stand’s UI. 

Within a couple of seconds, the odd drink will transform into a drink with night vision (3:00).

➥ Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

These are the step-by-step picture instructions you must follow to create a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft:

Let’s begin by finding the most important ingredient for night vision remedies, which is gold-colored carrots. To make a golden-colored carrot, you’ll need to gather some carrots. 

They are discovered in villages, being thrown away by zombies occasionally, or shipwrecks and the pillagers’ tower chests.

👉 Step 1: Find a farm in the village. Carrots will almost certainly help you find them. Every farm in the village has a one in five chance of growing carrots on their farms. You can tell carrots apart from other plants by their orange-colored bases and lush green tops.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 2: In the next step, you’ll need to locate a gold ore to make a golden carrot. Gold ore is located anywhere beneath “Y” levels 31–33.

It can also be found in the biomes of badlands near the surface. The ore is renowned for its yellow flecks, and you’ll need at the very least an iron pickaxe to extract it.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 3: Melt any gold ore you have into ingots. Set your gold into a furnace and then wait for it to melt into ingots. For more information on how to build an oven, check out this article.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 4: Insert an ingot on the crafting menu to create gold nuggets.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 5: Make a circle around a carrot using the gold nuggets you have collected to create the golden carrot. Now you have the main ingredient needed to prepare a night vision potion.

You will need a brewing stand. You can build one using the ashes of blaze enemies as well as cobblestones.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 6: You must travel to the north to locate the fire. Make a portal in the nether by putting obsidian on a surface that is four blocks across and five blocks high.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 7: Then, you need to illuminate the nether portal with some flint as well as steel. You’ll need iron and a forge to create flint and steel.

You can simply place the flint along with the iron ingot in your crafting menus in one or all of the nine craft areas and then begin exploring the nether.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 8: To start your portal’s flame Make sure to ignite one of the inner obsidian blocks. Then, sit in your portal for a short time, and then be prepared to confront the deep, fiery nether.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 9: The next step is to locate a fortress in the nether region. They are uncommon. If you’re lucky, the portal you have created could be built directly over one.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 10: When you’ve found the reddish-purple color that is the color of bricks, you’ve found your fortress! The next step is to find the blaze that is constantly re-emerging all over the place.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

A blaze spawner could simplify your life if you’re fortunate enough to locate one.

👉 Step 11: Just put out enough fire until you have a sufficient number of rods to blaze. You’ll need at least one blaze rod to operate the brewing station, and any additional rods can be used to fuel the stand. Make sure to locate more rods to blaze.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

You’ll be running around your castle until you stumble upon an escalator with soul sand as well as some red fungus that is growing. This is the place that you must use to make the evening vision drink.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, walk towards safety and return to your table. With your blaze rod, mix the cobblestone with 3 pieces placed on the table of crafting to create the stand for brewing.

👉 Step 12: The brewing stand needs fire powder to function. Place the blaze rod in your crafting menu to create the blaze powder. Each blaze rod yields two powders for blazing.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 13: Click right-clicks on your stand to open the user interface. Put your blaze powder into the upper left slot to power your stand’s brewing equipment.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 14: The next step is to require glass bottles. Melt sand in an oven to create glass. You can place three glass pieces into a “v” form on the crafting menu to create glass bottles.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 15: Utilizing your glasses, you can right-click on any drinking source to fill the bottles with water and collect water bottles. Right-click on your brewing stand, and then place the water bottles on the lower part of the stand.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 16: You’re nearly finished! Place your netherward in the final slot, and wait until the bottle starts to refill. You’ll have the base of the night-vision potion and the odd potion.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

👉 Step 17: Put the uncomfortable potions at the bottom, and grab the golden carrot. Place it in the exact place where the nether wart was placed. When the bottles are full, you’ll have three bottles of night vision.

How to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

This is it! Your night vision pills last for three minutes and will help you find caves, underwater as well as in the nether and everywhere else it is dark as if the day is bright and sunny. 

These remedies can aid in locating ore, locating fortresses from an in-depth distance, and hunting for underwater temples and shipwrecks.

➥ How to Make a Potion of Night Vision! | Easy Minecraft Potions Guide

➥ Conclusion

The night vision potion is a good idea when you’re exploring the darkness. You will be able to see through the darkness and ensure that you are safe from any attacks or harm to you. 

This is why we’ve tried to make this recipe for night vision as simple as possible, so beginners can easily grasp the recipe. We hope that you enjoyed this article and would like to read more similar posts shortly.

➥ FAQs – How to Make a Night Vision Potion

How do you make an 8-minute night vision Potion?

To make a potion for night vision (8:00), you will require 1 bottle of night vision (3:00) and 1 Redstone dust. Put your Potion of Night Vision (3:00) in one of the lower boxes of the Brewing Stand menu. Add Redstone dust to your top box.

What is the recipe for making a night vision Potion in Minecraft?

On the Brewing Stand menu, add ingredients to the top container, and then the potions are made within the lower three boxes. To create a potion that is night vision (3:00), it is necessary to require a water bottle, one nether wart, and one golden carrot.

Does night vision work underwater in Minecraft?

Night Vision is a status effect that improves a player’s ability to see in darkness as well as underwater.

Does night vision work in lava?

It is possible to see everything while in the lava, even with night vision. So I’d like the possibility of a potent lava vision potion. This is especially helpful in the nether update.

How do you give the night vision Potion command?

You can use the /effect on p 16 (which is night vision), 99999 (which is always), and 255 (amplifier). There is no need to put that into the parenthesis.

How do you make a blindness Potion in Minecraft?

A Potion of Blindness is a potion that can create the appearance of a dense, void-like cloud surrounding the user. It is made by adding a fermented eye to a night vision drink or by adding an ink sac to an incongruous potion.


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